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2022 Fall Sports Activity Bus Schedule

By Felix Trammell, 08/20/22, 3:15PM EDT


Here is the Fall Activity Bus Schedule.  Athletes will receive a sticker to put on their ID's to be able to ride these buses. 





 Depart from rear of FC Hammond @ 3:15                                Bus#   3              Driver: Middough

(Students should remain on bus until reaching their destination)                                        

** Minnie Howard, AC Chinquapin side and Witter Field.



  Depart from GW @ 3:15                                                             Bus#   1              Driver: Robertson

 To Witter Feld, ACHS & FC Hammond.                                                         



Depart from M Howard In front of the school @ 3:15             Bus#   4, 69        Driver: Debelle,

      To: ACHS                                                                                                                   Gomda                                                                            

 **To F.C. Hammond students are walkers                                  

** MH Kids can get on this bus & Last Stop is Longview DR.      Bus# 84              Driver: Beckham

    & cross Duke St. to Witter                                                                                                   


 Depart from ACHS @ 3:15 ~ Parking Garage Side                     Bus# 28              Driver: Traynham

      TO: Kenmore Ave & kids walk to Hammond                                                         



Depart from Jefferson Houston @ 2:35                                       Bus# 94               Driver: Open Run

      TO:  ACHS                                                                                  


Depart from Patrick Henry @ 2:35                                              Bus# 83               Driver: Hernandez

      TO:  ACHS                                                                                  


Depart F.C. Hammond @ 5:45                                                     Bus# 4                 Driver:  Debelle

      Transport to ACHS – Chinquapin Side



Depart Witter Field                                                                        Bus# 96              Driver: Ayele


      Transport to ACHS - Chinquapin Side                                                       



Activity bus schedules from ACHS                                               Bus#                        Driver:

4 Buses @6:00pm Chinquapin Side                          4, 37, 96. 114                  Nelson, Ayele,                             

    4 Buses @7:00pm Chinquapin Side                                                              Wilson, Debelle